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September 25th, 1:27 PM. Ordered the Pro right away! I figured if I’m going to do this, I’d better go whole hog.


It sort of WAS like yesterday compared to the long wait, but it will be worth every second and more. Yay! :heart_eyes:


I :heart_eyes: that!


We knew we wanted one as soon as we saw the video and a “tested” video on 9/24, but it took another week before we finally pulled the trigger - 10/2, 7:17 am. We went for the pro+filter up front, the pro because we plan on making it an income driver, and the filter because we are in a house with only 2 inconveniently placed windows in the basement (one is right at the bottom of the stairs, and the other is in the occupied bedroom down there). Oh, and we are renting, so no new holes in the wall (or furnace in the garage) either. Of course, being in Canada, we also didn’t relish the thought of the weather deciding for us whether we could fire it up or not for 6 months out of every year!
Here’s hoping the delays on the Glowforge itself have given them the time they needed to get the filters finalized and ready to ship with the lasers now! @dan?


Got me by ~ 1 1/2 hours. . . Oct 2, 2015 8:41AM

Canada as well. :thumbsup:

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Fortunately we have a website contractor who did this, so we could do it without affecting our quality or delivery date… which is pretty much all we think about these days. :slight_smile:


It’s all we think about too. :slight_smile:


What was day 1? September 24th is the earliest date mentioned so far.

I ordered September 25th. Which surprises me, I don’t remember how I heard about the GF, but I didn’t think I was particularly early to the party.


I just found an email from Baily from 9/16/15. In it she states,

"Remember me, Bailey from Glowforge? Remember how you signed up to hear when our 3D laser printer was ready?!

Well, big news: we’re going to launch Glowforge at World Maker Faire 2015 - ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!"

I am guessing September 23rd or 24th, 2015 is when the GF launched.


I must confess that I waited till the last possible day to order at 50% off…I had to leave myself a safety net just in case the first receivers started reporting problems…

Nothing personal; I had figured better safe than sorry.

And not that I don’t have 100,000% faith in the GF Team; especially now. But back then I didn’t really have much to go on…

And so now I pay the price for my caution by being last in line to receive it :cry:


The orders started on the 24th. I want to say noonish was the official time, but if you happened to check the site earlier, I think you could place an order around 9am.


Sep 24, 2015 8:46PM $2,094.00 Basic

Oct 20, 2015 8:13AM $1,627.50 Pro Upgrade

This worked out great for me, still have not paid any interest on that card since I got it in 2008! I wasn’t able to get any referrals, but had a few grand saved up in my desk drawer.


It was a big deal for me to buy. I had some decent savings, but my job was feeling insecure, and I left my job a couple of weeks after buying (the Pro). There have been plenty of times when I’ve seriously thought about downgrading or canceling so I could contribute better to my household, but my fiance put his foot down and took over a couple of bills. I know it’s because he wants it just as badly as I do, but I really appreciate his love and support. Hopefully, it will pay off for both of us in June.


Good man.
He also knows your skill intimately. I barely know of you, but it is clear to me that tool will enhance your creative abilities.
How could he not want one, when his life’s partner is the “Leather Woman”? :wink:

@nunzioc - you and I were both engaged in an internal struggle as the clock ticked down…
I finally decided that it being refundable removed most of my apprehension, and I regret not committing sooner.
We will be all :no_mouth: watching as the first to get theirs rejoice, but at least we got in under the wire!


My account is a “gift account” since the person who put money down is giving me a glowforge as a wedding present. :smiley: So I don’t have access to the date that all happened… no worries. :smiley: It’s awesome anyway! :smiley:


Ordered Pro model on Sep 24, 2015 9:32AM … Total raised by GF up to that point was just shy of $200K. Now I continue to wait patiently, knowing I’m somewhere in the first 50-70 orders :slight_smile: .

Meanwhile, my stockpile of materials grows and I’ve purchased a CNC router (which I’m setting up this weekend) to keep me occupied until my GF arrives.

Any other forum members in the D/FW (Texas) area?


I had everything filled out, but commitment anxiety held me back till Oct 23. My wife shouting, “Quit staring at it everyday and just buy it already!” helped. Getting wife approval is crucial.

Does putting your purchase date on your glowforge map pin sound like a good idea to anyone? I think it would be neat to see, but I can understand if that would be too much personal information out there for some.

Thanks @dan and mystery web contractor devs!


October 11 for me, so not too early but not too late either. Really excited for when it arrives. Just hope I have things ready to dive right in.


Oct. 12th, and I thought I was late. Fortunately my hubby backed me wanting it right away, told me it was up to me. Unfortunately, I had to use money put aside for the immigration lawyer (which we are still paying off)…also which is why I thought long and hard about it before pulling the trigger. Priorities right? Laser for the win! :smiley: