Seega Game Sets


Yep! Beautiful! (And you win the annual award for most appropriate use of Papyrus!) :smile:


Wow they came out great.


OMG that’s just incredible. I struggle getting a freaking half inch deer to cut so their legs don’t snap off when breathing on them and you make this. :clap:


Papyrus is one of those typefaces that is easy (and fun) to hate on it because it is so overused and abused. (Compliments for your restraint.) There is a whole community of designers and art directors sharing the passion along with Comic Sans and Trajan. :wink:


Beautiful! I only tackled monopoly and dominos but they didn’t look anywhere near as nice!


Fantastic in both concept and execution! even the Coral Snakeish Border!


This is gorgeous! As as a past student of anything ancient Egyptian, I think you captured the spirit and essence of Egyptian design quite nicely. I ‘get it’. I’ve become a big fan of hand coloring stuff, too…it’s rather therapeutic. What a beautiful looking game!


I didn’t see a Discourse badge for that, darnit!

Haha! You’ll notice there are no half inch deer in any of the projects I’ve posted… :wink: It’s all about knowing your limitations and focusing on the things you know you CAN do!

I will admit to having experienced a moment of extreme satisfaction when I realized this project I’d spent weeks laboring over had actually resulted in the perfect opportunity to make you look at a photo of Papyrus. :smiling_imp:

I actually really like it, except for the uneven edges. I find the shapes of the letters themselves very appealing. I guess I just have common tastes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I still want to do a Monopoly set – it’s been nagging at me ever since I got the GF, but I haven’t felt ready to tackle it yet!

Haha, I had the same thought! But then, coral snakes are beautiful, so it told me I was on the right track. :wink:

Oh, yay, that’s so good to hear! And yes, the coloring is really a lot of fun – I had been missing my nightly coloring wind-down, since finishing the colored vase I did. The gel pens worked a lot better on the draftboard, though. I’m hoping the markers I ordered will be a better solution for future wood and plywood projects. :slight_smile:


Absolutely hilarious. :smiley:




Said “WOW” audibly when I opened this post. Amazing work!!!


This looks awesome, even with the use of Papyrus.


Yeah…coloring on draft board. Didn’t take me long to realize that some colors just sink right in. I’ve never tried any gel pens…they might be next on my to-buy list. Are they water soluble or what? Mostly, I’ve been using oil-based pens.


Typefaces spelled the demise of calligraphy fonts, By hand you can have a hundred variations of each letter, so every use of that style would be a bit different, now especially for such irregular fonts there is a very limited set of fonts and even fewer that are distinctive that folks are drawn to. So you have a choice of either such a common look that only a typeface nerd would be able to tell you what it was, or distinctive but everyone would know it. Personally I would favor distinctive and let the “font nazis” rant.


Water-based. This is the set I have:

They work great on the draftboard, they cover well, and create a bit of 3D effect that I like. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


So beautiful!


That looks fantastic! The coloring is great! And I love how you say “a simple drawer.” I haven’t even made a nice box, let alone a drawer!


Your kung fu is strong!


Haha! Okay, I’ll admit, it did take a little bit of trial and error to get everything the way I wanted it. :wink:

Basic Game Board Box With Drawers