Seeming Survey Virus


Has anyone else been offered $50 gift cards for being a certain number of visitor to the glowforge site? I am always hesitant to do things like that. Just wanted to check whether it was an actual survey that was presented poorly or a virus on my browser, or an attack on the site…

DISREGARD - found the stupid ad bug on my browser tab.


Sounds like a scam. :slight_smile:


Glad you found the problem. :slight_smile:


LOL no, man i Always click on the flashiest, most outrageously promising, most obviously not right tabs/buttons/surveys/pages. I found it interesting that they had the right color scheme and company name. wish I had taken a snip. Eh, It is what it is.


Oh that’s scary. Haha. Glad you figured it out!


I was offered a $100 Amazon card for taking a survey. If it sounds fishy :stew: run away. - Rich




Fwiw, ads like these will scan your cookies, find which sites you’ve recently visited, and then use those to target ads that can suck you in. Devious!


Also remember that the cookies are not smart. They don’t know when you have, in fact, already purchased the item they are targeting you for.
If you are shopping online for a surprise present, and use a shared device, clear your cookies after your searchy/shoppy session. You don’t want the surprise ruined by a whole bunch of ads for it.


You can also use Incognito mode (aka p*rn mode) to leave no cookies or history trace. Name may vary, but all modern browsers have this…

… or so I’ve been told. :innocent:


“Welcome to your privacy browser - remember you aren’t invisible in this mode” lol

even better - “Welcome tor, are you going to swim in the deep side of the pool today?”

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