Selection tool for scanned images

From how I understand it, when you hand draw an image on a piece of material there is a “magic wand” type tool that you use to designate what to cut and what to engrave. I just have a few questions based on this tool

  • Does it only work Black on white or can it be other colours?
  • Can you designate more colours? (eg. Black means cut, Green means engrave at 10% power and Red means engrave at 50% power)
  • Can you adjust the tolerances to select more then just a solid colour? (eg. If this was an existing postcard could you just cut out the sky leaving the mountains and foreground?)

Any additional information I could get on how the selection tool works and what options are available would be great. Thanks!


Right now, just black & white with no tolerances. We’ll add more goodies later, though. : )