Sell me on the Air filter

What make the Air filter worth $500. What amazing tech have you built in?


It will be interesting to see what’s said on this one. I got the filter because I figured I’d find myself wishing I had it. I plan on not using it most of the time and only using it when I take the GF on the road, but I’m glad you asked this question–I am still asking myself if I really want the filter…but I likely won’t downgrade.

On a thread asking about the noise, Dan said they have powerful fans in the GF. He’s also said that its louder with the filter, so in addition to the HEPA filter which catches everything (must catch 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm.) and charcoal, it has powerful fans to pull the fumes down.

And here I am wishing I didn’t need it. :wink:

My office has no windows. That is why I got one.

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