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Hi I recently bought a new glowforge meaning I have 2 now I am trying to sell my old one but not sure what i need to do in order to “factory reset” the machine so that the new buyer can use his own account and not the one already saved on there? Therefore id like to ask if anyone can help give me steps to delete the old account and if the new buyer has to creatr a glowforge account? all my prints are saved on the glowforge program so i was just wondering how i can just start from 0 with nothing saved?

its easy, when you sell the machine (Dm coming at you) you add the new owners email to your GFUI - then after the sale is complete, send an email to with a picture of your serial # from the REGISTERED OWNER email address, requesting them to ‘transfer ownership to new person’s email’ the unit, any accounts on that laser will be deleted…


Thank you!

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The Dashboard has all of your stuff and you can choose which machine you wish to use. When you transfer ownership your Dashboard will have only the other machine as a choice with everything else the same and they will have the beginners’ Dashboard with none of the stuff you have done unless of course they already had a machine, but it would be their stuff only.

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