Selling pre-order GF instead of canceling

@dan, @bailey, I’m considering canceling my GF due to a change in employment situation.

I know that I can have the unit shipped anywhere by changing the address. Is shipping to a new owner supported by your company, or are there registration or other issues that would make support or guarantee/warranty difficult for the new owner?

Finally, if I have paid for international shipping but change the shipping address to America, may I assume that you could easily issue a credit for that?

Thanks for any information!


I recommend opening a support email direct with gf for this question


Thanks @Clone. I did a few days ago, but no response yet. I assume they’re busy, and wanted to see if any community members had had experience with this as well.

If they respond to your support email and not this thread, please let us know how the outcome.


I’m curious about this too.

I started a thread in April with a similar question…

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Hi @cedarandmiso,

Eeek, so sorry that you haven’t heard back on Support yet! I’m looking into this - I actually don’t know the answer at all. Stay tuned.