Senet, an ancient boardgame, travel size [with SVGs]

Hello everyone!

My partner and I often pick ancient board games and try them out on paper. Then I make the ones we really like (or just look pretty). In this case I made a travel version of Senet… for all the traveling I will not be doing anytime soon.

It’s a very old game, over 5000 years old. These are the rules we used.

If you’d like to make your own you can use this file. You’ll need some magnets and wood glue to put it together and if I were to do it again I would have glued the middle plate to the bottom one instead of the top one, but you can choose.



I shall be making this this morning.


If the top is a veneer over small sunken washers, and small magnets under the pieces it could be played where they would slide about otherwise.

Throwing sticks out of two sided acrylic scraps could be interesting too. Also would be better in free designs?


Like your travel version a lot!
Did you see the one I made last year?

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I did after I posted this! Looks great. I’m thinking about making more “travel” versions of games.


Fun that you try games out. Even more fun that you make the ones you enjoy. Thank you for sharing!

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