Sent unit in for repairs...came back damaged (twice). Haven't heard back from support (1 week+)?


This was my second go-round in sending in my Glowforge Pro in for repairs.

Unfortunately both times it has come back in worse shape that when it was sent.

The first return it didn’t print at all at first (I had to open and clean all lenses), and the second return last Monday the unit came back cracked on the lid.

I emailed support immediately upon receiving it back (with photos) but haven’t heard back.
Is this because of the holiday rush for the company?

I’ve literally had to hold off on jobs that are well over a thousand dollars since I first sent in my unit, and I don’t even want to plug it in until I hear back from support and we have a plan to have everything resolved.

Just trying to figure out what I should do from here. It’s rough not having a direct chat or phone number to call in situations like this (though I understand).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Just wanting to receive back a machine in 100% condition.

Thank you!


They will make it right. They are under heavy load this season, with more units being sold and more jobs being run for this month alone than in the entire year of 2018, so it’s just taking some time for them to address all the tickets.

FYI for next time, emailing support opens a support ticket, as does posting in Problems and Support. Duplicate tickets slow them down, so it’s best to just do one or the other. :slight_smile:

That’s good to know about problems & support opening a ticket as well – I didn’t know that.

Figured it was mostly just a community thing where they would post general answers as well…thank you for that information!

Also, good to know that they’re just busy. Doesn’t help the lost work / sales, but I appreciate being enlightened on just how badly they’re being hit this holiday season (though I’m sure great for their business). :wink:

Hopefully will hear from them relatively soon, but will keep what you mentioned in mind.

Do you think there is any harm in plugging in and using the glowforge in the meantime? I had wanted to talk to them before I even got it up and running again, but if that won’t affect them ‘making things right’, it’d be good to at least be able to use it in the meantime since the lid isn’t cracked all the way through.

Thank you again for the reply!


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Should not be an issue.

Is this because of the holiday rush for the company?

It’s because they are a small west coast and don’t work during December :rofl:

@mook33 I am a Manager here at Glowforge and I just followed up with your email. I am so sorry that you’ve gone through this crazy repair experience and I want you to know that I am going to personally take care of you from here. I’ve got a few options for you on next steps in our email and will make sure that we get you up and printing as soon as possible.

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