September Announcement: Thoughts

I just read the September Announcement, and I’m excited for new things to come!

I don’t actually need any of those new subscription features (though I’m sure some people will find them very handy!), but I will gladly subscribe tomorrow if you can somehow make my machine eligible for the Pro Passthrough beta…

Here’s my original message…

Thanks, and I think y’all are doing great work!


I don’t think the September Announcement changes anything about the Pro Passthrough Beta.

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It doesn’t. But I’m pretty sure that they are still hard at work getting the Passthrough issues resolved for those machines that won’t let it happen right now. (So don’t give up hope.)

To read more, there is already a long long thread about this. You can read it here [Discussion of September Announcement] , discussion of September announcement.

@benji I’m sorry we aren’t able to get you Pro Passthrough software right now.

@Jules is correct, we are hard at work to get it rolled out to everyone as soon as we can.

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