Serious Coasters: No More Screwing Around!


So, I’ve practiced with some simple items on the Glowforge and shown that I can make somewhat strange and amusing signs. Big deal, right? I’ve had my Glowforge over a week so it was time to stop it with the easy stuff and do something real. These are poplar end-grain coasters made with traditional woodworking techniques. But, I used the GF to engrave a decorative symbol in the middle (Maori koru symbolizing life, rebirth, connection to the Earth) being that this is a gift for some friends returning from a long trip to New Zealand. I’m so pleased that the interface allowed me to zoom in and precisely center the image on a 1-inch circle. I could only do one coaster at a time because the positioning only worked accurately-enough directly under the camera. But that’s not a complaint. It worked! I couldn’t be happier with the way these turned out. Thanks Glowforge!


Wow, that’s just beautiful! And so unique!:grinning:


Those look great! This is the perfect application for a jig to knock out several at a time :slight_smile:


Great idea! That really would have made this go faster. Next time for sure!


Like so:

But in your case, a “plus shaped” jig would allow you to align 4 very precisely at a time.


These are so meta. I just keep getting a deeper appreciation for costers as an art form.


Fantastic, @evansd2! I’ll do that next time!


What a beautiful and meaningful gift. Like the grain rotation too.


These are so beautiful I could see them hanging on a wall as part of an art installation!


So pretty I would never allow a drink to rest on top and cover the image. Well done.


These are beautiful!


Thanks for the kind feedback, everyone!


Now I have to make a box befitting these. Hmmm…


Nice job stepping up your game! I can only imagine the effort you put into the meaning and design.