Seriously? Wet glowforge

2+ years of waiting, and my Glowforge finally arrived! I opened it up, super excited to get printing, meticulously follow the unboxing instructions, pull it out…and it’s dripping wet. The outside of the box is totally undamaged, but inside the plastic bag protecting the machine is soaked. At first I thought it was condensation, but it’s way too much liquid. Plus, whatever this thing is covered in is definitely not water. It’s oily, smells bitter, stung my arms, and left a big stain on my wood desk.

As soon as we got it out of the box, I noticed that the liquid was also inside the laser tube, which led me to believe I probably should not turn it on.

I was so zen about all the shipping delays that maybe at this point, this is unreasonable, but was kind of the last straw emotionally. I’m so disappointed and sad. It’s like time and money spent waiting and then you think it’s over - lol, nope! And also now your desk is ruined. Double zing.

I also broke a nail getting it out of the box, so I think it’s time to go start drinking.


I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like the fluid reservoir might have broken, which means they’re going to have to replace it.

Try not to drink too much, they’ll get it fixed up.

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Very big bummer. Hang in there --> very sure that Dan and crew will respond soon and appropriately. :sunglasses:

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Just got my Glowforge Pro… like you so excited and when we got it unpacked…wet oily liquid everywhere. Just when I️ thought it was finally time to create! I️ sent an email sbojt an hour ago hoping to get some direction on what to do.


I really feel for you! For the record, you’re actually still being surprisingly zen about it. At least on the outside. Unfortunately not the first time we’ve heard this story in the past few days. Speaking from experience, if required, they get your replacement machine out immediately so your additional additional wait shouldn’t be long.


Thanks Tom, that’s good to know that they’ll replace it quickly. It sucks that this is happening to others. It really is so disappointing.

That’s because of the vodka.


Having personally packed up about 9000 packages in the last six years, I do not envy GlowForge in having to ship such a heavy and delicate thing. My goodness, it gives me nightmares. Weight is the enemy, I hate shipping heavy things because the damage ratio is so much higher.

Good luck with your replacement!


I’m so sorry this happened. I suggest we replace your unit. I’ll contact you via email to sort out the details.

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