Set focus isnt working

my set focus isnt working. it works sometimes and then most times it doesnt. i havent had my machine for more than 6 months. all lens are clean and clear and still nothing.

In general how thick is the material that you are trying to focus on?

1/8" baltic birch
it was working great for a while and now its back to not working at all!

I use set focus all the time, and it seems like you know how it should behave. I was thinking that maybe the material you had was very thin, or thicker than 1/2". Does the head travel to your selected target point at all, or just do nothing? also is your artwork fully inside the printable area? This is smaller for engraves…

oh definitely! i use it all the time. its literally my holy grail. yes it travels and the little red light comes on but then the error pops up.

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How is the lighting in your room? any bright lights that are new? Is the material shiny or dark (black)? Edit - just reread your post and I see that it is baltic birch. Does other material make a difference? Proofgrade?

the same lighting that its been any other time. let me try proofgrade and get back to you! thats a great question lol

Eliminating possibilities LOL

nope still nothing!

You have probably restarted everything already? It sounds like it could be a failing / failed component. Makes me feel bad for you as my machine has been solid. Good news is that you are still under warranty. Reach out to problems and support Good Luck.

thanks a bunch!

Was this originally posted to #problems-and-support ?

I see it’s there now, if it wasn’t created here, it didn’t create a ticket in the system. Moving it doesn’t create a ticket and they don’t really read the actual forums, just the ticket in the system that creating a new post here generates.

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I don’t even remember if I originally put it in problems and support. How do I reach out to them?

You can either email or just make a brand new post in the #problems-and-support section.

Both do the same thing so just do one or the other.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been experiencing when utilizing Set Focus. I see that you have opened an additional thread, so I will close this one, and continue following up on your alternate post.

Thank you!