Set focus not working after new printer head purchase

I keep getting an error when I set my focus. It tells me to refresh page or turn machine off and then on again. I just received a new printer head as this was a problem with my old one. I went through set up steps with new printer head and i’m still having the same issue. What am I missing?

Once it has happened once it’s possible that the error is stuck in your browser, so I’d do a few things.

A) Either take everything off your bed, or put a solid piece of material (wood, paper, whatever).
B) Run a Zeiss wipe over the two windows on the bottom of your head - they’re on either side of your actual lens.
C) Open either a new browser (Eg. if you’re using Chrome, open Firefox), OR go into your browser settings and manually clear your cache
D) Log in and choose the setting that matches what material you put in.
E) Give it a shot and let us know!


I’m using a new refurbished lens and materials from other suppliers. The problem is the recalibration. It keeps stalling half way through gelling me it lost its wifi which is not the case since the machine is beside the wifi booster.

If you try those things, and report back whether it works, or if not - exactly what the error is we can probably help you.

If you insist that’s not it, there’s not much we can do to help.

FYI, the booster being right next to the Glowforge may or may not help. What’s the speed (dB) of your WiFi signal?

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