Set my first fire

Taped and stacked 12 different colored pieces of construction paper together. Playing with setting to find a complete cut through. Was only at best 3/4 through on the fourth job with 7th setting(multiple cut lines in same job)except corners where the pause to turn was just creating a pinhole. Well, speed 1 power 80 is waaay to slow. It cut the first 3" line, turned the corner and 1/4" later foosh!
So I hit the button, opened the lid, hit it with a quick blast of compressed air, then quickly shut the lid and ran a quick high speed cut elsewhere on the paper to sick out all the smoke. 30 seconds later the paper was in the sink. Back to the drawing board of settings!! :rofl:

PS- attempting to recreate Kandinsky’s Circles (I think that gets italicized)


Stacking sheets of paper is probably one of the surest ways to start a fire in the Glowforge. All those air pockets between the layers of paper provide lots of oxygen to sustain a fire, while being out of reach of the air assist which would normally blow fires out.


I’m happy to read you and the machine is okay. Paper stacking is not recommended for that very reason


Partly why I taped them together. Never pulled the sheets apart so they were still machine pressed together. Just figured I’d throw out a reiteration of the caution. (I knew it going in which is why i was sitting here staring at it.)

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Air assist was probably acting like a bellows, stoking the fire!

Yes if it is strong enough it blows it out otherwise it makes the fire worse.

It’s a fine line.

(I can say that I may have done something similar getting rid of leaves :grimacing:)

When you have something that smolders though, like leaves, or layers of something, as opposed to just a flame on an individual object, forced air can really get things going…