Set up issues Please help-UPDATE

Marc from customer service got back to me and Glowforge is actually shipping me a new machine. That’s very kind (since I have yet to even test this unit). So hopefully the new unit will not have the issues this one did.

Thank you all for your input!


I’ve been waiting for a response from Customer Service for 2 days and they still haven’t gotten back to me, so I’m asking for your help.

When setting up my pro glowforge, it connects fine to my computer, then when I switch to my home wifi, nothing happens. It doesn’t ever send me to the “success” screen. The teal button stays on and doesn’t go out (as shown in a set up video one of you posted in response to another’s question on the same subject).

Here’s what I’ve done (thanks to your answers to others with the same problem).

  1. I checked my wifi settings and it’s on WPA2
  2. I shut the machine off, turned back on again and opened and closed the lid, tried to set up again, no change.
  3. I shut off my computer, the glowforge, unplugged and disconnected my router for 30 seconds, then fired everything back up again and same results.

Naturally, my glowforge on the app site shows as “off line”.

Can you help? Thank you so much. You folks are just the best!

Wifi is by no means my specialty, but a lot of folks have successfully connected after following this video:

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I’ve watched that video when searching for my issue and did it exactly the way the video shows. The first thing that happens is that I’m not requested to “sign in” to my wifi (as I’m always signed in), I get through “your glowforge is now connected to your computer” and then it tells me to connect to my wifi.
Once I do that, everything just stops. I’ve waited as long as 10 minutes for it to progress to the “success” page and that never happens.

Did you try just turning off the machine, (using the switch on the back), wait a minute, then turn it on again (using only the switch). Let it fully power up and see what color the button is.

If it is white, go to and look at the status of the machine in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the name of the machine next to your username in the right corner.

Let me know if it lists the status as Offline.

Yes, I have done that (a number of times). The button always turns teal right away. The status of the glowerforge is always “off-line”. Grrr…this is so frustrating! Sure appreciate your input.

Well, unfortunately a teal button at any time other than set up might indicate a problem. You’ll probably need to wait to hear from support on this one. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help, but I think they’ll need to look at the logs for your machine.

All of this happened at about 5:00 pm CST?

Actually, it’s been happening since receiving the unit. The button lights up teal right away and always has. Thanks for your help. Customer support finally got back to me and now I’m having trouble getting the logs to download. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

Well now you’re in good hands, so good luck!

I will sure keep my fingers crossed!

I’m glad to see we were able to assist you this via email, so I’m going to close this topic.