SET UP: right, orange knob won't unscrew

Finally received my GF after about 2 months. Unboxed today, and so disappointed.

  1. It looks used.
  2. This right knob will not unscrew. It is locked on so tight, and I cannot get it off. It’s as if someone else maybe had the same problem, sent it back… then, it was sent to me (used).

Help. Please. What a hassle if I have to mail this thing back all the way from Hawaii.

Doesn’t look even a little bit used, it looks brand spanking new. As soon as you have used it for a week you’ll see what I mean. :smile:

(They are tested before they are shipped to make sure everything is okay.)

Those little rubber orange bits are only inserted to hold the laser arm stable during transport…shipping companies tend to be rough on these, and those keep them safer.

Try using a pair of pliers on the rubber screw to loosen it, gently, then you might be able to unscrew it. Then save those orange bits with the box to use again if you ever have to send the machine back for repair.


I had a problem too, with a refurb I got last week.

A allen wrench or hex key will fit in the center. That will loosen it up to turn by hand.


I’m sorry that your Glowforge arrived in a way that gave you concern! I’ve confirmed that this printer is brand new – as @jules said, each printer is fully tested at the factory. Sometimes that leaves a bit of dust or the smell of printing.

The knob certainly shouldn’t have been that difficult to remove, and I will talk to the team about it promptly.

I’ve just pulled the logs and I’m relieved to see that it looks like you’re printing now, so you must have found a way to unscrew it. I’m glad, but still sorry for the trouble.

I’m closing this post since you’re printing, but please open another or send us a note if you have any follow-up questions.