Setting a scale to print multiple pieces

I have created a file with several layers that requires several cuts with the pass through feature. Some of the smaller pieces could be printed without the pass through. All parts must fit together. Is there a way to configure the cut size with a numerical setting that will make each cut precisely to the correct scale? Using the grips to try to get the correct scale on various cuts is nearly impossible. Thanks for your assistance. Tom

If you define multiple objects in one file, or one each in multiple files, they will cut identically.

What design app are you using? Are you resizing them in the GF interface? Why?

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If you make your artboard 20"x12" in your art program than it won’t resize when it comes into the GFUI.

Thank you for taking time to consider my situation. The answer came to me… I am using AutoCad to layer the elements of my relief map. What I did to resolve my problem was to make the drawing to the precise dimension I needed to fit on my 24* plywood. I “stretched” the image (all layers on) to 22” allowing 1” on each end of the map. I print the map in three cuts. The image loads perfectly now that it is drawn exactly the size I want it! No adjustment is required in the Glowforge other than to “group” elements and rotate it 90 degrees. Much easier now! Problem solved.

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Thank you. This is what I came to realize. It works great! I appreciate you answering. Everyone is so helpful! I look forward to being able to return this favor someday.


I discovered by drawing the file to the size of the sheet of material I no longer need to adjust the image just prior to running the routine. I am using several programs to get my final file. Likely doing more steps than may be necessary… it just takes time and practice to learn incrementally as I go! Thank you!

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I use multiple apps at times. Some things are possible or easier in one vs another. A significant number started in PowerPoint before moving to Inkscape. Might be a design to be engraved and/or cut. I often up Gimp for raster work but I use the native Mac image adjustment tool more often.

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