Setting for acrylic?

I just engraved a piece of proofgrade acrylic using the recommended settings. There are lines throughout the entire piece… and part even appears warped! Any recommendations on how to avoid this? What caused this poor print quality?

So try to choose the “HD Graphic” setting since it will give you more lines per inch when engraving, resulting ina smoother engrave. This will also take longer.

I’d suggest trying on a smaller piece. to see if you like the result.

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ok. i will see if that improves the appearance! thanks!

Is this your first shot at engraving acrylic? The issues you are seeing go hand in hand with that particular material…it melts and redeposits rather than burns.

What a lot of the advanced users do is run a second pass on the engraving at highest speeds and low power to clean it up. You can also adjust the focal point and LPI to get different effects, but I find that the second pass usually works best.


YES! This is my first rodeo. I will revisit and try a clean up

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Also look into defocusing for a smoother engraving. This will get you started. Good luck!


Also, once you clean it (white toothpaste is recommended, avoid alcohol) some of that white will go away as it’s likely deposits

Thanks for the tips everyone.

@WelcomeHomeCustom did that help you get the results you were looking for?

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not quite… but i am getting there.

Great! Sounds like you’re making progress.

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