Setting for Non-Proofgrade 1/8” Maple Plywood

Looking for some input.

I have been purchasing the same 1/8” maple veneer plywood (MDF core) for quite a while now from Trotec Canada. They typically cut like butter with medium proofgrade maple plywood settings.

My last shipment from this supplier has a slightly different finish and I cannot achieve cut through. Trotec says they changed the coating on their boards six months ago and this must be the first time I received the newer stock. They are a reputable, high-volume company that sells laserable products and they don’t understand why I can’t cut through it. They have received no other complaints.

Things I have tried so far:

  • cleaning my machine, including all lenses and air assist fan
  • made sure boards are completely flat
  • ran test cuts of the same file on other materials including scraps of old similar material and proofgrade material
  • adjusted speed downward (as low as 130)
  • adjusted focus height multiple times ranging from .118-.25 Material is 3mm)
  • tried all other proofgrade settings for plywoods medium and thick
  • ran medium maple proofgrade settings with two passes

I am getting close to cutting through, but can’t get all the way. I have spent countless hours and have tried countless settings and I just can’t get it.

Any thoughts? I have over 50 orders outstanding for this week and I am freaking out!

They might have changed what’s INSIDE their plywood – some glues just will not cut on a laser. You could adjust your speed even lower, increase your power, and/or try multiple passes.

Here’s a great way to dial in speed/power settings for new materials: New material cut test method

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