Setting Sheet Thickness Defaults to .500

I was trying to cut a sheet that has a thickness of 0.93" and is none PG. The GF App would not take this value and would instantly reset to 0.500" If I used a value of 0.125" or another over 0.1 it would take it no problem. Yesterday I was cutting acrylic at 0.065 all day long. What is going on?? I should be able to cut whatever thickness that I input.

I had a similar thing happen when I was changing #/passes. I ended up having to close and re-open my browser, and then it would accept any value I wanted. Not sure if you’re experiencing the same.

Edit: Never mind. My apologies. I wasn’t looking at the value… just the problem. Others are correct… The max is 0.50".

The maximum allowed material thickness is .500", so if you put in something taller than a half inch, it won’t accept that value.

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0.93 inches is too thick for the tray and too thin without it. You’ll need to use some risers to get into focus range, 0 being the height of the honeycomb bed. There are some great tutorials and calculators over in Tips & Tricks. :+1:

Did you mean to enter .093? That would be less than .1. A value of .93 would be almost an inch, far to large to fit.

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(I’m gonna just go ahead and delete all that crap I wrote now.) :smile:


Sorry Made a mistake I was trying 0.093 not 0.9

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Oops. In the immortal words of Emily Latella: “Nevermind.” :smiley:


I’m glad you solved it. If you run into anything else, please post a new topic.