Settings for 1/32” & 3/32 wood, different types, & for paper

I work with what’s called dollhouse miniatures (1:12, 1:24, & 1:48 scales) so I need to be able to cut ultra thin, non-proof grade wood. What are good settings to use for 1/32” basswood, 1/16” basswood & maple, 1/8” basswood & maple, & 3/32” basswood & maple, and finally, paper (for miniature doilies).

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It’s best to do your own tests and develop a feel for each species and thickness that you normally use.

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I agree with @beerfaced that you are going to have to do your own testing for best results. There are some excellent templates in the free files section to use for this. Here is one: New material cut test method


Thanks for the link to the template. I’ll give it a try.

I’ve about got the 1/32" basswood figured out. I knew I had the settings wrong the first time when it severely charred the back of the wood.