Settings for 1/32" Acrylic?

Has anyone cut 1/32" acrylic? I found some at Hobby Lobby and wanted to see if anyone has had experience with it before I start messing around with it. Mostly curious about settings and whether or not it was masked on both sides or one side, or not at all?

Thank you in advance!

I have some 2 color 0.020 I got because the order was mangled. Got the order sorted but still had this ultra thin stuff to work with.
Decided to use for some inlay and went with the parameters below.

Engrave 1000/40
Score 300/15
Cut 300/100 (also have 350/100 penciled here, but not remember if was used or needed)

Seemed to work ok, so I imagine it would be ok with clear or single color stuff.

As to masking, I remove it all normally, since it turns to into a gummy mess at times. Any laser char can usually be rubbed off using alcohol.

Only acrylic I mask is some 2 color blue marble looking stuff that had a lot of flare when cut (a LOT). Something to do with the coloring materials is my guess.


@julesmakesthings I’ll be very interested to hear how you get on with the HL product. Do you know if it’s cast or extruded, as this is a make/break detail ?
John :upside_down_face:

Thank you! I’ll try it out and see what works!

I actually don’t know - there was literally nothing on the packaging except for a price tag. It was only a couple bucks so we’ll see! I’ll make a separate post once I try it!

Ok, just an update. The settings that @brokendrum suggested (300/100) worked! However, I was trying to do some more complicated designs and the acrylic basically fused back together. Cutting out a simple design, like a circle or square, worked just fine. I was wanting to use this material to cut stencils but for the complicated designs, it wont work :frowning:

Sounds like you have some more testing ahead. It’s cheap and available off the shelf - and now you have a starting point.

Exactly! :slight_smile:

As you haven’t commented on the smell( apparently a simple way to tell the difference !),
I’m assuming it is cast, which would be brilliant.
I must see if its available in my local HL in Corinth.
What size was it, and do you have any sort of identifying code with it ?
I’m hoping to use it as an engraved inlay in my fans, and have already had problems finding some. Thanks again for the heads up.

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Yeah! I didn’t notice any major smell. I think it actually produces less of a smell than proofgrade. This is the one:"-x-14"/p/21918

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Did you find it in the area where they sell the paints for making fake stained glass? I saw some there the other day and wondered about it…

Thanks for that.
Mmm - I saw the first review of the product, and the guy thinks it’s actually polystyrene, which would explain the fusing together.
Not sure how to tell the difference after 60 years away from the lab !
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Yeah, I saw that too. I definitely wouldn’t have a clue!

Plexiglass will be 12% heavier, but not a big difference. If those sizes they state are accurate, then plexiglass will weigh 117gm and polystyrene will weigh 104gm .
Its refractive index might be a better way, if I can remember how to use ‘contact angle’ to measure it !
More googling

Sounds like extruded acrylic then. It melts rather easily and stinks to high heaven.
Stay with cast if you have a choice.

I didn’t notice a strong smell, but it definitely melted! Any suggestions for making a stencil? Cardstock isn’t working out great either :frowning:

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Ok, that’s what I was thinking (just did a little bit of searching about). 4mil? 10mil?

I would assume a thicker one would be easier to handle, but it depend on the surface your stencilling onto - flat/curved/whatever ?
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It’s for a friend’s babyshower - they’re going to use them to paint on onesies.