Settings for Canson Watercolor Artboards

I have a pretty spiffy project in mind. (pictures probably a week or so out)…
But Aaron Brothers had a BOGO sale today on their heavy duty art board.

Last week, I wanted to cut out canvas, and put in a canvas that was a fraction of an inch too high… and my tube went off the rails. I was bummed my vision was less likely to work out (*And terrified I had busted my 'forge!.. Don’t worry, it’ll all good now) So the Artboard is pretty exciting. At .056 inches its like it was made to be cut!

So, S’s are manually engraved.
Pale engrave at 500/10,
Engraved at 400/30 and
Darkly engraved, almost scored at 300/30.

Squares were set to manually cut.
At 225/1 it barely engraved.
400/70 was more like a regular engrave.
500/100 with 1 pass was similar to a score.
500/100 with 2 passes cut through without leaving too much damage.

I have one extra square there at the same 500/100 setting. I thought it had updated to two passes but I may have rolled my mouse… it was the same as the square below. The hold in the middle square is from me testing with a pin if I could pull it out.

The lizard was cut out at 500/100 with 2 passes. Not masked, it still doesn’t have too much smokiness.

Watercolory goodness and more intricate cuts to follow. But the buy one get one free sale is now, so I thought I’d share my settings.

EDIT: with the larger file below, there wasn’t enough cut through. Reworked settings and got 200/100 to work perfectly. Scroll down for more info.


And… on a bigger scale, that didn’t quite seem to be enough.

Engraves well… I need more practice with the cut. Possibly slower speed, 1 pass, same power?


Ooooo, I never heard of this stuff but I think I need some! Thanks!

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I’ve experienced this too.
if you test very small, but have higher speeds set, there is a fair chance that the carriage never has a chance to get up to full speed. If that’s the case, when you use the same settings on larger design, which does allow the full speeds, you can get results like you just saw.


good to know.

This gave me a more visual look at what I needed, to a degree. I know I need to edit this file to get what I want, but it was confusing me. (so many arms, I don’t know which one to look at).

I’ll probably run another test shortly with a more simplified file, but still with some big long curves. Going to slow it down for that.

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I can’t even tell you how many times this has happened to me…and yet I still forget and I do it all over again…and again…and again…


Cleaner file to work with… 200/100 with one pass, perfectly clean cuts, minimal smoke, no charing at corners.

Nothing stuck, I didn’t have to press to get any of it out. Nothing caught on fire. I’m very very excited now.


Thanks for the settings! I just swung by Aaron Brothers to pick some up and the sale is still going on :slight_smile:

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It’s cool stuff, right? Thick, sturdy, not too thick… like it was MADE for the GF! Flammable, but not too flammable!


I’m already planning a bunch of projects for it!

Thank you for the settings @lizabeta! I used 400/35 and came out great.


I love Yosemite! The Glowforge, and art… this is all the things I love!

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Just adding setting here in case someone comes looking.
Canson artboard
Engrave 315/17 convert to dots. Pattern density at 62%. 340 LPI
cut 200/100
cuts and engraves like a dream


I’ve got to experiment with watercolors/paper/lasers! I imagine your settings, mixed with a few brush strokes of color, art will really jump off the page. (Similar to what Diego Scaglia does with wood. Look him up on FB… his work is astounding.)

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Diego is one of my very favorite laser artists. :slight_smile: This artboard really laser amazing well and looks great. I got a bunch at Aaron Brother’s store. They are going out of business and got a good price on a bunch of it.

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I’ve heard that Aaron Bros is actually owned by Michaels and most of their stuff will be moving over there. In case you still need a source.

Was the artboard on sale though? I’ve been loathe to wander into Aaron Bros cause … temptation. But maybe I will…

Yeah, they are owned by Michaels and just moving over. Seems like employees were given the option to go to Michaels as well which is nice. Yes the artboatd was on sale two for one when I was there. Get over there! LOL

If you want, please add your custom settings here: