Settings for engraving laserable wood ink pens and leather notebooks

I just purchased laserable wooden ink pens and ink pen cases from Johnson plastic plus. I also purchased leather notebooks to engrave. They recommended masking taping. I need help with determining settings for both. I did inquire about using glowforge and their technicians said it was safe to us. Thx. Any additional assistance will be grateful. I’m a newbie at this.

For the wooden items - what kind of wood? I generally use the closest PG setting to the new wood, but if it’s not like anything in PG there are wonderful tests you can run.

For leather, the leather PG settings work well for engraving.

You can buy masking in multiple places, depending on how much you want to get at once :slight_smile:

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Look at #2 about masking.

As a newbie you’ll probably find everything in this post really useful, rummage around in there.

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