Settings for Materials

New to this. Recently got a GF PRO.

Im looking for settings list or spreadsheet for each material. Just want to get an quick idea of how much power, speed etc needed to be used for each material type & thickness.

if theres a link or list that I can download.

Appreciate any help and thank you in advance!


Hey, welcome!

Check out #6 here:

In fact, look it all over, there’s lots of good stuff for new users in there. Lots to read, so get a snack and a drink and dig in!


Welcome to the forum.

Here is a very old document that may or may not be relevant these days. It has not been updated for quite some time. I believe your best bet is to do testing on any non Proofgrade materials to dial in your preferred settings.

Copy of Glowforge Setting.xlsx (442.7 KB)


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