Settings for white hangers

Has anyone engraved on white hangers with success? If so what were the settings? I’m playing around with it but it just comes smudged even with masking.

If they are plastic hangers, make sure you know what kind of plastic they are made of. The wrong kind of plastic can damage the machine.

It’s wood from Ikea

In that case, you can use any default wood engrave settings based on the material thickness. Make sure they are thin enough to fit on the tray.

I tried. Have a look at image. Horrible looking

If anyone has settings that work greatly appreciate it as I’ve already ruined a few. Not planning on experimenting again.

You’re burning through paint as well as wood…you might need to run a few tests to see which works best for that combination.

Run the tests on the ruined ones.


Are you certain that is paint, and not a plasticized coating?

It’s not acting like paint, so I would be VERY hesitant to put that in the machine.

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Not 100% sure It’s from
ikea. The natural wood ones are good. Works great. It’s these ones that I’m having problems. I guess I will not do those.

I have a few of these, pretty sure it is paint.

You can test plenty just test on one hanger. There’s a ton of space to try engrave settings.

Broadly speaking your problem is two fold. You’re not masking and you’re not using enough power.

Mask the wood and ramp up the power and I bet you’ll be fine.

Also with engraves that have very thin vertical lines, keep the speed 600 or lower. Very high speed engraves can have bad performance on vertical lines.

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Thank you. I will try again.

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I used default settings for medium cherry ply on These.

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