Wedding Party Hangers

One for each for the Ladies - and this one…

The hanger having a curve in it so it was necessary to rotate it to get it flat on the shim stack for the date and location. Perfect.
Then I thought “I’ll just drop a little butterfly on there!”, but I wasn’t smart enough to rotate the hanger again so the outline score was off - as you can see.
The imperfection is a signature of my work. :wink:

Both the pre-release and this machine have never given me any trouble at all. Calibrates every time in 90 seconds, scan and render quickly, and placement is almost perfect. I love my glowforge.


Lovely! :grinning:


I may just adopt this phrase as my own…love it. This is such a sweet and touching thing that you made. What a nice idea.




Not my idea, my daughter has developed a talent for scrounging ideas for me to “Etsy up her wedding” since I (she) has a laser at my (her) disposal! :wink:


Nice job! That wedding must be coming up pretty soon. It’s great to see all the cool items you are making for it.


Yeah, it’s closing in. Feels almost like when I got married. On that day my Mother, an alcoholic that hadn’t had a drink in 10 years looked at me and said “Boy, you need a drink…”.


Very nice! I’m sure your baby girl appreciates all you do!

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I helped someone on Saturday with something for her friend’s wedding. “Pinterest that {insert bride’s name]” I believe was her quote. I have the feeling the bride made her friend browse through a few too many pinterest pins.

The quote that scared me was, “oh this isn’t as hard as I thought.” I’m thinking my making her do the design work wasn’t my best idea. It could come back to bite me.


Well, at least you anticipate it so it won’t be a total shock.

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I’m kinda new to this, can you walk me through how you did this? Like where did you get the hangers? Also how did you do it without the breadcrumb tray?

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Here’s how to do stuff without the crumb tray: Cutting Without the Crumb Tray - The NO MATH Edition

Not sure where he got the hangers, but I bet the Amazon fairies could find you some. :slight_smile:


The hangers came from Home Depot.
Yes, you have to remove the crumb tray, because the hangers I have were right at 3\4" thick ( there is only room for 1/2" with the crumb tray in). The idea is to elevate your material to within 1/2" above where the crumb tray would be.
I just elevated the hanger to 1/8" above where the crumb tray would be and set the material thickness to 1.25

The two legs of the hanger slope so you will need to rotate the hanger so one of the legs is flat on your shim stack to engrave it, and then rotate the hanger opposite to do the other leg.
That means each hanger will be three operations, the top middle and each leg.

What you do is have all the engraving you want to do in one file, with the three operations in different colors, the glowforge recognizes different colors as different operations. so you can enable only one at a time and ignore the other two.


Gorgeous! Looking forward to doing my daughter’s wedding items. Un”fortun”ately I pushed aside the GFPRO about a week after it was delivered. So overwhelming & a bit complicated. I definitely should have done a ton more research before I invested thousands! :sweat: Everyone makes it all look so easy plus the whole 30 minute setup time thing got me. Then I heard tonight from Lysa TerKeurst “expectations are premeditated resentment” :thinking: There is certainly some truth to that! You’re work did motivate me, so I may take “Ms. Flo” out again sooner than later. Thanks. Gonna upload the name plates & drink stirrers that “Creative Amme” (out of Cali) made for me. Amazing job, nothing short of perfect! And the hangers I would love to make, now that I have Ms. Flo & what I had to do to the hangers Pre Ms. Flo. Have a Glowing Day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Oh and any help appreciated & never expected!


I feel your pain :sweat:

Well Done! :wine_glass:

Where? I don’t see it.

You will if you look at the bottom wing lobes of the butterfly.

I see it now. Doesn’t look bad

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Thanks. My disappointment is mostly my inability to see that coming.
“That looks great! This is so easy, I’ll just spiff hers up a little and drop a butterfly on it…” :roll_eyes:
My enthusiasm blinded me.

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