Settings for wood veneer?

I got some wood veneer from Amazon.

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on setting for cutting and engraving?


Unfortunately, each species of wood will behave differently. You’ll probably need to run some tests to find the best setting that work for each one.
I would recommend checking out the proofgrade veneer settings first. That might give you a good starting point.

Edit: Fun tidbit, this Veneer variety pack has been on my Amazon Christmas list for the past 2 years. No one has bought it for me yet :frowning_face:.


I did.
You’re not going to hurt anything by cutting with too much power. I didn’t engrave the veneer, just a bed for it.
Regarding engraving the veneer, you will have to dial in the settings for that particular piece of material for the result you are looking for… but that’s half the fun!

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I bought the same set of veneers and was very happy with the variety. A few of the pieces were warped or had some minor marks, but overall a good sample of woods. The only thing I’ve done so far is to play around with trying to do inlays.


Yeah, I was using some little magnets to hold them down. The warp is pretty par for the course for some of the veneer like walnut burl though.

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Cool dragon! :grinning:

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That’s going to be great!
I found an old wallpaper seam roller to be a big help gluing in the veneer. Looking forward to the finished inlay! :sunglasses:

@jakerember, yeah, the walnut burl I got is very wavy.

I don’t think it coincidence that cultures with the richest dinosaur fossil beds on earth have dragons in their myths. Seeing the fossil skull a dinosaur a thousand years ago, what else could you think?

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A printer’s brayer is really useful. You can get them in different hardnesses (is that a word?) and widths. I’ve got a 4" and a 6" which makes it easy to get large areas rolled. The wallpaper seam roller I have is pretty narrow.


did you ever record the settings? I just put that link on my Christmas list and sharing it with my sons.