Settings: Hobby Lobby Kraft Cards


I had great luck with scoring and cutting Hobby Lobby kraft paper cards. Will try to post pictures as well. ($9.99 for 50 cards and envelopes, 5"x7", from The Paper Studio).


Speed = 250
Power = 10
Passes = 1
Focus Height = .01

Speed = 250
Power = 25
Passes = 1
Focus Height = .01



And the list of projects to try keeps growing. Nicely down, I am sure your friends will be getting great cards this year.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing the settings! :grinning:


Nice job! Thank you for posting your settings.

If they don’t have a sale on … Be sure to get the 40% off coupon they have weekly.


Thanks for the settings :smile: I used it to make a small gift box for some holiday ornaments


Thank you for the settings! I made earring cards