Settings on a design being overwritten when reopening

I noticed that my custom settings are being overwritten when opening a design! Thank goodness I noticed, I could have ruined a bunch of stuff.

Please bring back the “remembering settings”!

Remembering settings only works if you are using Proofgrade material. It’s not yet available for non-Proofgrade.

I’m using proofgrade. The settings are being overwritten by the default proofgrade settings instead of what they were.

Oh wow, I haven’t heard of that happening.

When you click on Manual settings after choosing Proofgrade, aren’t they still in there?

I’ve found that on anything I’ve done, if there is a software upgrade, the “manually input” settings are wiped. Frustrating. Like I need another spreadsheet in my life… :smile:

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Hmmm. I don’t generally go back and do a lot of recutting of files I’ve already made, but I seem to recall that entering the information into the Manual settings area leaves it in there…might have to go test it one of these days.

I do know that for non-PG materials that information gets wiped as a safety measure…which can be a bit tedious if you are testing jigs out on non-PG materials.

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uh, yeah. If that’s the case, well, spreadsheet. Because the design should retain everything exactly as I set it - proof grade or not. Period.

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Nope. Doesn’t work that way right now for non-PG stuff. That’s to keep us from ruining sheets of material when we forget to adjust the settings for something different. It flips to zero power, which isn’t going to ruin a sheet if we forget to make adjustments.

(Whether they add the capability later is up in the air…we have requested it a few times, but it’s probably lower priority for them than some of the other issues they are working on fine tuning, and they might ultimately decide not to…it keeps people from ruining material.)

I seem to recall that if you have correctly set the thickness to the thickness that was being used during the Manual setup, those will pop back up…but like i said - haven’t had time to run full testing on it yet, and things do change occasionally, so I’m not 100% sure right now. Might just be for the PG stuff.

Love the fine print! but I name my designs, know what I printed them on. SO add my vote to “HEY KEEP MY SETTINGS DUDE!”

I usually do that for stray thoughts that pop in later. :smile:

It’s not just selecting a Proofgrade setting, it’s setting the manual settings to the proofgrade values. Overwritten.

I’m not sure exactly when this is happening, could be when a different type of material is currently selected compared to what was selected last time I was in the design, I dunno. But it’s not working how it used to. :man_shrugging:


Used it a lot for my coaster & plaque project.

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Don’t know on that one…I tend to leave them at the PG settings most of the time these days.

You’re missing out if you want some beautiful engrave quality! Let me know if you are ever interested in trying something different :slight_smile:


Haha! This is @Jules you’re talking to! Pretty sure she still holds a record for some of her engraving experiments…


But rice doesn’t have proofgrade settings…

Hence “these days.” :wink:

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble. So we can better understand the issue you’re running into with custom settings, it would be very helpful to know more details about the exact steps you take and what happens along the way.

If you’d prefer to capture screenshots of your workflow, please make sure the screenshots include the manual settings for at least one step and the design URL visible. Example:

Thank you in advance for providing these details.

With how it’s been working since this issue, my guess is that there were some updates to the UI that caused this to happen the one time. It seems to be better since but I will report back if it is reproduceable.