Settings on Gloforge for Macaron

Hey Guys! I’m trying to get the settings right on Glowforge to print on a Macaron but something is not quite right. It either comes too deep or too light. I’m a newbie and have been reading extensively and reached out to technical support, but still can’t seem to adjust it accordingly. Need your help please.


There is a great guide to the custom settings that Glowforge has written up. It’s LinkedIn number six here called working with manual settings:

There’s no one right answer for something like a macaron, because they are very much an inconsistent material to work with. Depending on how someone bakes it or what the actual recipe is, it could have pretty different properties. I’m afraid you’re just gonna have to test a little bit, and unfortunately that means that you’ll have to eat a lot of the test materials, which sounds just awful :slight_smile:


Yeah…what a rotten deal that is. :smile:


Presuming you’re on a :glowforge: rather than an :aura:, give these a shot:

If you’re on an :aura: see how these compare to any of the default settings and use @evansd2 testing method from there!


The setting in between? I would just keep testing and eat the evidence of what did not work as others have noted.

Note: the referenced thread was before they fixed a problem that left a bit of a burn mark in each corner.