Settlers of Catan piece holder

This was done for a friend. Made of proofgrade walnut and maple hardwood. Took 2 pieces of maple, just 1 of walnut cause I could stack the slightly smaller pieces vertically. Took some trial and error to hone in the right amount of wiggle room for the pieces. It didn’t help that they can vary in size quite a bit. I only had the one set of pieces to go off of so I’m hoping some of the others aren’t too much bigger. I originally had the slots spread out a little more at 1/4" (they’re 1/8" here) but tightened them up to save on material. I didn’t sand down the finish before gluing as I’ve heard you’re supposed to, so hopefully they don’t fall apart on her :smiley:.

The pattern is available for free here:


These are beautiful and look like they will be so satisfying to use. :ok_hand:

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Well, there’s a solution for that. Cut your own pieces. :smile:


Ah little trays! Those are a great idea! (Hope you are planning to eventually offer the files in the catalog one day. They would go well with the Glowforge Catan Board files.) :grinning:


Very elegant. Love it.

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I’m a bit torn because I like to give things away for free, but I need to support my laser habit long term and would like to recoup some of the cost of the cutter. I set up a shop that I will start putting my patterns in. For the forum members here, I’ll put the products on discount for the first few days after making a post. We’ll see how this experiment turns out :-).


I’d really like to see you offer those in the Catalog when they get around to opening it up to the rest of us. You should make something from your design, you spent the time doing it and perfecting it, but I think you’d get more exposure for it in the Catalog. It won’t get lost over time.

Just something to think about for the future. Maybe offer it there too later. :wink:


Absolutely! I just would like to get these patterns out now rather than wait on the catalog to open up. Especially since we all know how long we can be left waiting :grin:


OOPS! I just realized that my store hadn’t been set up to accept payments. I’ve updated the shop and you should now be able to check out. Sorry if anyone had tried to purchase and couldn’t.


FYI - The pattern will go back up to full price in a couple of hours. Just wanted to give yall a heads up in case anyone wants to get in before it goes up.

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Great idea.

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Please remember that it is against forum guidelines to request free design files.

do you have the exact dimensions of the piece holder? Ive cut one but it seems mighty small

This was designed in an old version of adobe illustrator. I think the file is 72 px per inch, but if you open it in inkscape it thinks its 96 or something like that, so the file will end up really small. To fix this in inkscape, go to document properties and change the pixels per inch to be 72. One of the small square cutouts will be 5.433 mm (.214 in) on a side. Overall the top piece should be about 84 x 73 mm (3.316 x 2.872 inches).
If you import the file directly into the glowforge app, I believe it will cut it at the appropriate size, but if you’ve modified with inkscape, you need to make sure and change the scale.