Setup not setup

Everything going well until I switched the unit on. Forge shows a teal light. I turn off the radios on my iPad and connect only to the GF SSID. Nothing happens. Same results on the iPhone.

According to the instructions it should start to calibrate once I connect to the GF WIFI, correct? I see no way to continue.

Were you able to go past the initial screen when connecting to the ad hoc network and add the password for your wifi? Do you have a computer or another device still connected to your home network and logged in at

I’m not getting any screen once I join the network. I’ve never logged into so I suspect that isn’t it. :wink:

Oh, I see setup redirected me to app.

OK, found the magic window. Seems the issue was the browser lost the page when I was switching networks so I had to go back and start over while on my normal connection. Then switch back to the ad hoc.

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I would suggest having one device stay connected to since that has all the setup instructions and you can get photos of what is supposed to be happening.

There are no photos in the support/setup routine of the screens that pop up when you are connected to the Glowforge adhoc setup network unfortunately so you aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Is the button still teal or has it changed color?

In the wifi/mobile device browser window which is connected only to the Glowforge wifi network, then go to on that one. I wish I would have recorded the actual ip address of the setup page for the wifi handshake routine. I think sometimes things get confused because of going back and forth between home network and and the Glowforge’s adhoc network which piggybacks on an internet connected ip. If the handoff doesn’t go well, people get stuck.

Edit: ok, glad you got it. There are pitfalls to using the same device to do the connection and to start the setup routine.

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Unfortunately I can’t easily switch my PC to the ad hoc network. Anyway this time it asked for the WIFI password then said it had an unexpected failure. Second time through it worked OK. Now to try something…


Thanks for the replies.

I keep the laptop on my home network and do the handoff with an iPhone. I’ve had more problems when trying to use the same device.

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Thanks for all the help @marmak3261. @lairdknox I’m glad you’re up and printing.

I’m going to close this thread. If you need anything else, please let us know!