Several computers cannot connect to glowforge wifi

I’ve recently moved and went to setup the glowforge and despite my efforts the page where it asks me to connect to wifi will not update, despite being connected to glowforge wifi in my network settings.

Any idea why this is happening? I’ve tried SEVERAL computers and phones but none have worked. It will not populate so I cannot get it to connect to the web to function. Please tell me I don’t have a paperweight.


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Is the router in the new house broadcasting a 2.4ghz signal or 5G? The Glowforge will not connect to 5 G

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There have been some recent reports of problems getting past this step in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Try installing Firefox and doing the setup from there.

It just hates PCs and wanted a Mac. Anyone having this issue should try connecting with a mac.

Hi @k.vanantwerp Since I’ve been able to connect with you through email now, I’ll go ahead and close this thread to consolidate any communications. Thank you!