My Glowforge arrived finally but no with a manual - NO starter kit. No accessory pack or even a power cord. Of course I contacted customer service but I’m really disappointed. Has this happened to anyone else? How quickly will the issue be resolved?

They don’t print one out.

There should be a card surrounding the start button on top of the machine that tells you where to go for unboxing and setup…if you don’t still have it…the link is here:

The actual manual can be found here:


you should get two boxes one with the glowforge the other with the power cord and exhaust tube and crumb tray and starter back

This might help you with setup as well once your second box arrives and might give you some insite into it too:


Yes I called FedX regarding the second box- At this time, they were unable to locate it. Thanks for your reply. It was Very much appreciated.


Your tracking data should include both boxes, but you can start unpacking Re the links @Jules provided. The power cord is standard as you would find for most desktop computers, and you will find a batch of stuff hidden in the foam inside the Glowforge as laid out in those notes. Do read the unpacking notes first as there are one or two tricky bits.

The most important part of the second box is the crumb tray you will want in place before your first trials.

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Thanks for the answers @jules & @wenning08, that’s right.

@razdbywlvs, I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.