Shadowbox Acrylic Coasters and Snap Together Holder

I’ll let you know as soon as I can. We had a “double whammy” - wife and I down with the flu (don’t think the WuWHO flu but who knows?) and a filter cartridge problem with my GF. New cartridge is one the way and one of my first jobs is two tea light coaster holders for my daughter.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.


There’s a test for that…

Yeah, one of my family who had the first of the cases has gone for the test (they’re scarece as hens’ teeth here) , so we’ll wait for the results from her to decide. Not sure what the significance of a positive or negative result would be. We’ve had the two vaccinations, but not the booster yet. I also just had the regular flu shot, so it’s unclear which result would be more useful or informative. At this point, I want to get over it. That’s all.



Here is what I came up with, with your file. One is for a white elephant gift, Bigfoot being abducted by Aliens, and the other was for a gift.
Hope you like it.
Julie Anderson


The treatments are quite different if things start to go south - and if you do have C19 and end up with long haul symptoms, having a positive test on your file will open you up to programs specific to C19 long haulers. So hopefully completely unnecessary, but worthwhile to have in your back pocket!

Take care! Be well soon!


And supposedly if you get Covid after the fax plus booster, you could develop a super immunity. So there’s that

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The Bigfoot being abducted by aliens one is outstanding.


Umm…maybe it’s not an abduction. Maybe it’s an alien delivery of a Bigfoot. That would explain a lot about how they can hide so well - advanced alien technology.



Absolutely love the designs. Thanks for sharing. I would like to mess around with my own ideas a bit but can’t currently unzip a zip.

Welcome to the forum.
What do you mean that you can’t unzip a zip?

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Sorry needed new updates. TY for having me here. You are all so creative and inspirational.

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How did I not see this before? It’s so cool!


@designvh619 is a brilliant designer. I miss his regular posts!!!


Yes! But somehow I missed seeing this of yours…

I love it, too!


I never saw that one either! Beautiful@Aloha !

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