Share a passport wallet file?

I’m leaving for my first trip that requires a passport and now I really want to make a passport wallet/cover. I see I can purchase PDF files of patterns all over the internet but it seems like none of them are adapted to include the stitching holes. Does anyone know of one that includes stitching holes? I have leather and am ready to go - I just need a template! I leave in less than a week and I don’t have the patience to do trial and error on making my own pattern.

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So, a disappointing thing I learned on my first international trip with a passport cover: They always make you remove the entire passport book from the passport cover. I have a cool duct tape one, and I left a slot for a thin Tile tracker…It’s great for finding it in the house, or for storing at my destination between flights, but I’ve found it to be just one more thing to keep track of, if I have my passport in it during the flight.

Sure, the passport can easily slide out of the side pocket of the cover/wallet though - I’m not too worried about that. Do you know of a template that’s already made (including stitching holes)?

If you are using Illustrator, I found these settings work for me.
Then “Object > Path > Outline Stroke” to make them into holes.


I found this post…I haven’t tried using 'em yet, but it’s a start.

Looks like you can copy a small object (like a stitch hole) along a path in Inkscape, with the Extensions menu, Generate from Path, Pattern along Path.

(More and more, though, I’m thinking I should upgrade to Illustrator.)


Yeah, I saw the file for the stitch holes. I was hoping I could find the whole thing already done for me. :joy: I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it in illustrator but I’ve only been using it for 2 months so that’s another thing I’d have to figure out.