Sharing a design with other Gloworge users or community

I’ve just created my first drawing to cut… and it sits well in my personal dashboard.
Now I’d want to share it with other Glowforge users (6) in my office: how could I do? if I click on my project I can only see OPEN or (little triangle) delete, rename, make a copy.
I’ve not really found a way to let other device users viewing my project…

Many thanks!
(This product is awesome!)


You can give them the original file, the one you uploaded. I don’t know of any way to share from within the GF app.


Yes, you have to share the design file separate from the GFUI and Dashboard.

Welcome to the forum. So glad to hear of successes with the Glowforge.


As @marthjackson1970 stated, you could send them your original SVG or PDF (in whichever format you save your GF files) as an email attachment.


Thanks to all of you for the prompt answers!
Sharing the original file with the other colleague was what, in the end, I had to do.
But… as it was our first design, probably we didn’t do it perfectly with the original SVG, so we had to modify in GF app the order of the cuts, the engraving, and something to ignore.
Therefore it would have been better not to remake the same file preparation on any of our account… just not to reinvent the wheel and risk forgetting something.
Hope GF will add this feature, se that people could easily share any design and organise in folders.


That is a good point, to be able to share the settings in the GFUI with other users shared on on a particular forge. Yes, it is some work on complicated designs and would speed things up.


Hi @gianluca! I’m glad you were able to find an alternative solution to what you were looking to do. I’ll make sure my team gets this suggestion!

Since you were able to get your design and settings to your colleague I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other troubles please don’t hesitate to make a new thread or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!