Shattered Tube

Well I was in the middle of a project today and the tube went pop and shattered. I am unsure what caused it. I have seen where some have liquid coming from the machine. I did not have any of that. It skipped in the middle of a cut and then skipped again and I heard a loud pop. It kept running so I immediately disconnected power. Not sure what the fix will be for this or if I will be looking for a new laser.

For reference, this was not a heavy printing session. I had printed a few small test prints and then this happened.


I’m thinking you will need to contact support and they probably will suggest a refurbished unit.


Looks like your inner tube shattered, but your exterior one is still intact - which means the cooling liquid is still trapped.

Yay for no other damage to you! I’ll echo @beerfaced that they’ll likely suggest a replacement unit as replacing the tube is not something they can ship you the part for.


So sorry this happened! Glad it didn’t cause more of a mess, but it still stinks. Hope GF support can help you out.


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