Shelf Tags for GF Materials

My sweet friend,@geek2nurse, made some cool tags to put on her shelves indicating which material is stacked there.

I hate to keep bugging her with questions and am attempting to be more present on the Forum.

Anyone have any idea if these were a file from here?


Easy enough to make your own,

Is this the topic you were referring to? It looks like no file. Should be a simple matter of throwing some text on a rectangle, converting text to paths and then have at it.

What design software do you use?

Also, you can check on all of someone’s post by clicking on the avator or handle and go through to their profile. All their posts and topics will be there to browse through. Also, you can search to for specific keywords and a user name.


Silly woman, just ask! I will go dig them up and stick them in the Free Designs area shortly… :wink: