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GF support seems slower than molasses so I’m hoping to get some suggestions here. I’ve posted to one FB group and have gotten some advice but before I start to disassemble a piece of machinery that is less than a month old (or send it back), I thought I’d see if there might be something else I can look for. I’ve tried engraving this same quote that I created in Illustrator and each time the same thing happens, no matter what my material is (plywood/MDF). Every whipstitch, the engraving shifts across the row of text.

This doesn’t seem to happen with image engraving, just text, and it isn’t happening with cuts.

I’ve only done a few projects, I have the indoor filter system, the inside of the machine is free of debris. The table is stable, doesn’t move during operation and no one is allowed in the room anymore during engraving.

Thanks for any and all help!

My first guess is the head is touching something. Either the air assist fan shroud is touching something or the head itself is, causing the displacement. The shifts all occur on the same line, by the same amount. I just stay a further 1/4" away from the right limit.

That will happen on my machine if I try to engrave at the far right, even though the design is within the boundary shown in the UI. You might try reducing the size of your design just a tad so you have more clearance on the right side.
I would first check the travel of the head with your material in place, with the machine off open the front door and look across the surface of your material while you move the head and gantry to check for any interference.

That’s all I’ve got, good luck!


Thank you. The text is bordered by an inch of space before the cut to allow for an overlaid cut design. I’ll check for interference.

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Total long shot: does it make any difference if you use vector vs raster artwork?


Didn’t think about that. I did a simple text, created outlines and filled (following GF instructions). I’ll see if vector vs raster works. Thank you!

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