Ship to GF to get fixed?

Has anyone shipped their GF to GF to get it fixed? Is it worth it?
I’ve tried contacting support to try to get remote troubleshooting but they never responded to me. I think I should maybe just send the whole thing in and get it ‘tuned up’. Thoughts? What does this cost?

I don’t think they do repairs. Generally what people get is an offer to buy a refurbished machine at a slight discount.


Perhaps you might have something going on with your GF that we can help with here? There are many knowledgeable people in here and depending on what the problem (s) are, you may be able to get yours working correctly again. What’s going on?


It’s just taking more and more power and passes to get through materials. I feel like I do decent job of keeping everything inside clean enough. Maybe need a new tube?

If you gert a redfurb it will not be your current machine, but another like yours that will be rebuilt. My rebuilt machine has lasted with out problems for several years now.

Dropping power is frequently a mirror or window missed like the window under the left side of the gantry. I have seen where that window looks just fine but after a Zeiss wipe is applied the wipe is slightly stained and the cutting is good again.


They used to have a third party repair center but stopped offering that a few years ago. Now, they’ll estimate the cost of repairing your issue and offer you to exchange your whole machine for that cost (typically $1200-1700 which includes shipping both ways, which these days would cost $600+ depending on distance). They send you the refurbished replacement machine, and you send yours back, using that same shipping box if you don’t still have your original one. It’s a quicker and simpler process than repairing your machine and sending it back, the only downside is you don’t end up with the same machine, just a replacement of the same model. I’ve gone through the process when my original tube had lost too much power and was happy with my replacement.