Shipment Day E-Mail Concerns

Good morning @dan and hope all is well. I have noticed that my shipping / receiving email date has come and gone (10/13/2017). Checked my junk mail filters and everything and do not see an e-mail with the shipping information request. Are the e-mails still being sent out? I am getting a bit concerned as it is now 7 days past my estimated e-mail date. I want to make sure I am still in the que as it were. I have noticed it seemed to be on average about 4 days delay between when the e-mail was estimated until it was actually sent based on user data I have been reading in the forums, but at 7 days just starting to get a bit concerned. (As a side note my user info page still says 10/13/2017 as the estimated ship date) Thank you for your time in advance.

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According to the blue banner (if you still have it up there), they should be sending out emails for Basic orders placed on Day 20 (10/13/2015) and Day 17 (10/10/2015) for Pro unit orders as of today. The date on the account page hasn’t been hooked up to their shipping system, so it is unclear how often that’ll update, etc. EDIT to add: That is for US orders… no clue on the international ones.

Thanks for the information @srmoore. I just refreshed the forum page now and it is showing the updated day 20 information. Mine was stuck on day 15 for the longest time. Heres to hoping I get an e-mail soon. I think I was a day 19 purchase if memory serves me.

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I am a day 19 buyer too. Bought at 3:46 pm. I woke up to an email this morning, it was sent at about 11:30 last night. Hang in there, yours should be here really soon!


Yep my email was actually 2 days from estimated. The wait is almost over!!! (well until the UPS wait…:wink: )


The estimate on your account page should be more accurate than it is. @Dan said the staff was working when he left the office a night or so ago to make the estimates not accurately match the dates when the notifications go out.

The estimate date should never show a date that has passed. If your estimated day passes, they should be giving out an updated date.

I’m not sure why we expect any different results, nothing here is ahead of, or on schedule.


Sadly my account page still states October 13 and it is now the 21st and I am sure they are not working on the weekends. :frowning:

Did you send Support with a copy to Dan and email asking what’s up? Support may take awhile but Dan reads his email religiously (and more often than he reads PMs here).

(Yes he told me that.)

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That is unacceptable

I have the same date also (shipping 10/13), still waiting for the “golden email”

Mine is 10/19, 3 days passed but I guess I’ll just have to get in line…

I’m 10/19 as well but with the weekend in between can’t get antsy quite yet… besides I was very close to end of day 17 pro.

True, but I’m a day 10 Pro… and confused.

Edit. Nevermind.

Ok, just got my email! Happiness restored.


I’m sorry that we left you with such uncertainty and that we were slow to reply to your post!

Your order is in good shape and your date has now been updated. We’ll be updating the spreadsheet more frequently as we go forward. Updates depend on production information, good or bad, so the dates may change. The date you see will always reflect the most detailed information we have about when you’ll start the shipping process.