Shipment issues

Received my first replacement air filter.

It was packaged in a larger box, with safety glasses used for a bumper. No peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows. Charcoal everywhere the filter layer is torn, frame is bent and is in an unusable condition. This came from the Kentucky fulfillment center, shipped via Fedex, and I was charged an additional $10 for shipping for the $250 filter cartridge.

Called Customer Support and the Sales Department, only get voice mail. Sent email, only automated emails.

It’s incredibly frustrating.

Looking to other manufacturers for a solution. Can anyone recommend a solid filtration/air extractor system that works well for you?

They will get back to you eventually on the email you sent. They will rectify the problem I’m sure. Is there absolutely no way you can run the exhaust outside?


I hope you had the Fedex guy file the damage report. Unless there was damage before it was packed they are probably responsible for a large part of it. Glowforge will be getting back to you on it if not instantly, but you need to move on I presume. I would try and sent the smoke outside by any means you can if possible.

The filter I have is a Blu-Dri 500cfm primarily built for disaster recovery with separate prefilter charcoal, and HEPA filter so is designed for far more than a Glowforge but the intake is 12" and thus needs to be cut to 4". I ended up going out the window so have never hooked it directly to the Glowforge, but just sitting there will clean up the house of smoke or cooking odors in minutes.

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