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Hello! So as of 20 days ago I am the “owner” of the Basic Glowforge. The problem is, I have seen absolutely no change in my order status since that date. I tried reaching out to support to see if the estimated delivery date of December 8th was still accurate but have had no luck in getting a response.

My concern only stems from seeing all the issues people had receiving their machine on time in 2018 and have found little information on people’s experience as of lately. I had plans of using this machine to create Christmas gifts and would like to know if I should give up that dream and go to plan B.

Thank you!!


I can’t comment on the accuracy of the shipping date, but I have not heard anything about them being wildly incorrect lately.

As for making things by Christmas, yes it’s doable, but you have to get cracking on the learning curve. Read like crazy. Are you already pretty good at design and vector manipulation? That’s the part that takes the longest, really. If you get your brain charged up, you can hit the ground running.

Read literally everything you can stand. It’ll pay off.

Thank you so much for the articles! I will be reading up for sure.

I’ve spent these last 20 days navigating my way through InkScape and creating cut files that will hopefully translate well over to the Glowforge. I wouldn’t say I am good at designing but I am quick to learning and have read up on some forms that have been very helpful.

Fingers crossed I can easily adapt to the learning curves that are sure to come when I actually receive my machine.


If you want to upload one of your files I’d be willing to critique it from a “laserability” perspective. There are some design principles that are good to follow that might not be obvious. I’m not talking necessarily about look of the file, but more technical aspects. Anwyay, throw one up or DM it to me if you’d like feedback.


Should have it before Christmas but successful designs are user dependent. Go to plan A & B. I was born on Christmas day. A person can never have too many presents.


Did you get your new Machine? I’m finding it very odd that mine has yet to change status for almost two weeks. It’s expected to arrive tomorrow, but no updates on shipping what so ever. Support says they don’t know and they will reach out to me when they can. Is anyone else in 2019 having shipment issues? I ordered November 22nd, 2019.


YES!!! I am having the EXACT same issue and am about to cancel my order. I know they are busy, but not communicating in a timely fashion on an item in this price range is unacceptable and unprofessional…they WERE however, rather quick in taking payment.

Not a good way to start a customer relationship.

0 out of 5 stars so far. I can’t imagine it would be any different if an issue with my theoretical unit ever popped up and god forbid I needed their help.

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Yes I did!
Mine actually arrived earlier than the predicted date, but I did not know until an email was sent saying it was shipped. My order status never changed until I actually received my machine.

You just kind of have to trust that their end is working on your order and it can be hard when there’s so many mixed reviews online on the shipping process.

I hope you get your machine soon! It’s a lot of fun!

It is very frustrating how slow the customer service is, but this community board has been SOOOO helpful for me.

My machine arrived earlier than expected even with FedEx making some annoying errors.

Im in the same boat about cancelling my order. I order my machine on 24 NOV and they have posted a delivery date of 6 DEC which has come and gone. With living an hour south of Seattle one would think it would arrive on time if not early than expected. Hope to get it soon as this was an investment for our home company .

Machines are not manufactured at or shipped from Glowforge HQ. They don’t know when the machine will ship, it’s just an estimate based on the last stock or manufacturing updates they received. If you’re signed up for FedEx and UPS delivery management services, you can get an email when the machine ships and/or is scheduled for delivery.

My machine arrived right on time as expected. Not sure why nothing was updated, but FedEx gave me a notification before Glowforge did the night before it was delivered. Shipping took less than a day.

I finally got my glowforge last week. Late Monday night last week 10 dec for a text about GF was been shipped, nothing was heard from GF until after the package was delivered saying that he pack had been out for delivery and delivery already had happen.

I’m glade to have the machine now, but I’m still getting errors and being able to connect GF WiFi to sync with home network.

Not being told your glowforge is coming has been a glowforge trait for almost three years. Email for help connecting to your WiFi.

I was informed this week that the Pro is on a 4 week delay.

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