Shipping Address Verification System needs work

I’ve noticed a few other people having trouble with the form for submitting shipping address. This really needs some attention. I finally (after years) got my “Time to ship” email, only to be thwarted by the Shipping Address system. It absolutely will not take a UPS-verified-confirmed (I called and asked!) shipping street address. The only solution is to send an email to GF support, but it’s been 4 days. I’m disappointed that probably my shipping date will now be seriously delayed (again). I have no option but to wait for someone from Support to contact me.

It should become a priority to do more than handle each address issue individually, someone needs to look into the software that is not accepting correct addresses. Thanks for listening.


It won’t.

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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you may have found an edge-case between UPS verification and the SA system. There have now been thousands of successful deliveries, so the success rate is probably in the 3-4 nines range. None of which changes the fact that it’s not working correctly for you – that’s a terrible feeling, but please be assured that the staff will help you out!


Thank you. I was only worried about the delay because the email said it would ship “in up to six weeks depending on when you reply” – so it looks like the quicker you reply, the quicker it might ship to you. Still trying to wait for support to contact me.


No worries – understandable concern. The timing between email and shipping is not 1:1, so I doubt you’ve lost any time at this point. Also worth noting that GF support operates on west coast time (PST), so depending where you are, support activity may seem to operate later that expected on any given day.

When you get your GF, you’re going to love it and these issues will evaporate from memory! :wink:


Yup, knew about the West Coast time frame. When I said “waiting” I meant I’m on day 5 of waiting.

I’m so sorry you’re unable to update your shipping address. I’ll be following up by email shortly so I’m going to close this thread.

Thank you for your continued patience.