Shipping Company?

Hi folks,

My long Glowforge wait is almost over and I’m super excited. It just occurred to me that you might be using UPS for shipping to Canada, though, so I have to ask: could you not? UPS in the US and UPS in Canada are two different beasts. In the US they are a dependable, reputable shipping company, in Canada most people would rather have their teeth drilled without anasthesia than deal with them. USPS, FedEx, and DHL are all fine, but UPS adds their own taxes on top of shipping, duties, etc., among other problems.

Like I said, super excited to get my Glowforge, just would prefer not to have to pay their excessive fees to do so.



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No answer to your question. But the Canadian shipping is wonderful news!


You’ve not read about the horrors UPS visits upon these machines in transit have you…:scream:


You got there first. Hell, i ordered 2 boxes of PRINTER PAPER, and they were delivered smashed up in horrible condition!

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Thanks for checking in about this. We’re finalizing logistics for upcoming shipments, so I don’t have any specific information available at this time. However, we package your Glowforge in specially designed packaging to keep it as safe as possible. If your machine is damaged when you receive it, we’ll make it right immediately.