Shipping Concern - Unfulfilled Order Status and Passed Shipping Date

Has anyone had issues with shipping?

I ordered my Glowforge on December 26th and was given an arrival date of January 26th, which was yesterday. My order still says “Unfulfilled” when I log in to check the status. I have items I need to make by Friday and I’m afraid my Glowforge won’t come in on time. Has anyone else had this issue or can advise me on how to get in touch with someone?

We’ve sent emails, messages on Social media, etc. and no one has responded. This product costs way too much money for such crappy customer service. I wish I would have known because my confidence is going down already in getting support and assistance if needed. Help please, we have a serious deadline we have to meet.

These machines are built when you order them, they don’t keep a large inventory of machines on hand. And when a lot of people order at once, they can get backordered at the manufacturing facility. The listed shipping dates are target dates to ship, not promises of delivery.

Ten bits to a dollar they’re still dealing with the Christmas backlog. Those who ordered first get their machines in order.

The good news is, if your date recently passed you need to be getting ready for it, get your table set up and venting port set up if you need one. It’s getting very close, and might have already shipped. Be sure to sign up for UPS MyChoice and FedEx notifications because they will show the shipment notification from the manufacturing facility before Glowforge is notified.

(The bad news is…no way to know if you will get it by Friday.) Good luck though! Hope it arrives in time.

We ordered dec 23 Jan 20 estimated delivery. After email inquirie response appeared to be form letter (identical to others who have posted). Waiting still for any new updates…

Have to update… as I posted this I received a tracking number for our glowforge.
Hope everything goes well from here.
Good luck to you dvynekreation maybe yours is a less then 2 week delay

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I am sorry you haven’t received your tracking yet, however, I see you have emailed in to us regarding this and we have responded there. At this time I am going to close this thread and continue assisting you in your email.