Shipping cost is insane!

Lost my lens removal tool and figured I just could buy a new one, but OMG that shipping cost. I live in Norway and get that it costs a bit extra, but not $160. Is that really correct? If so why?!

That is due to the shipper that the contractor who stocks and provides parts has selected.

It’s been an issue from day one, even for owners in Canada, for example.

You can make your own lens tool, there are threads on that here.


Okay, thanks. I will try to remove the lens without the original tool. I’m not looking forward to having to replace any parts…

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This reply about shipping could have been written directly to you:

And this followup too:

And this about the lens tool:

Glad to see a new face in the forum, sorry it’s because you’re frustrated.


My shipping costs are never that high, of course, but what I often do is bundle my order. I’ll buy spare cables, lenses, wheels on one order. That dilutes the misery a little.

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